One way and international rentals

When you need to pick up your rental car at one location and return to another, contact Kompas.
Pick up and return your vehicle at over 2500 Kompas locations in Europe 
There are airport locations as well as many off-airport locations that may be right in your neighborhood
Free unlimited kilometers on most rentals
At participating Kompas Off-Airport Locations, convenient Customer Pickup and Return Service within 15 minutes of the location is available for your One-Way Rental. Certain geographic, time, and other restrictions may apply.
In addition to the standard car classes; SUVs, Minivans, Kompas Luxury and Green Collection vehicles can also be rented one-way
Competitive rates with no separate drop-off fees on most rentals.
Perfect for road trips or attending to business needs in multiple cities.
Contact Our reservation department will contact you as soon as possible.

VIP Transfers

Kompas Rent a Car provides its clients with an option of transfer and trip with a driver. You decide on the venue and the time, and we will be waiting for you.

Kompas First

Kompas First is a service where the customer with a Kompas First cars gets privilage on a counter. In this situation we will have Your datas in our system so it will take a minute untill you get in your vehicle.

Online real-time booking system

Make a reservation in a minute and get a confirmation for an hour. 

Only clean and reliable vehicles

Our mission is to complete the rental, leasing, car sale and to offer them to our clients in order to meet their requirements. In doing so, we shall try to not only meet but exceed their expectations in services, quality and value.
We shall try to do everything to earn the long-term loyalty of our clients by trying to fulfill more than what we promised; to be fair and correct; and always be step ahead in order to provide special service which provides a pleasant business experience.
We shall motivate our officials to provide special services to our clients by supporting their progress and development within the company. We shall provide them with a possibility of a personal development and award their success and accomplishments.
We believe that it is important for our success to promote managers who will serve as success examples that need to be followed.
Our goal is not to be the biggest or the most productive but the best company. Our success will yield a long-term profit by meeting the needs of the clients and by motivating the employees.

Customers first!

We shall lead in our field of business by determining the level of the quality of service and by providing loyal care to our clients.

We shall advocate loyalty towards our clients, officials and shareholders.
We shall manage business without separating high standards from integrity, honesty, professionalism and moral conduct.
We shall communicate openly and timely, providing what we know, when we know it.
Consideration for the individual 
We shall treat each person with respect, professionalism and dignity.
We will place the interests of our customers first.
We shall dedicate ourselves to providing individual experience when renting vehicles which will guarantee clients satisfaction and their loyalty.
Management and leadership
The philosophy of our management is decentralization and local autonomy, with emphasis on strong support to strengthening corporate image and operational efficiency.